D5.1 Scenario framework for TEN-N, translation of NFF storylines into indicators and scenario settings

The report documents the methods to produce scenarios and the storylines of these scenarios using the IPBES Nature Futures Framework.

Author(s): Claudia Fornarini, Alessandra D’Alessio, Jeremy Dertien, Néstor Fernández, Francisco Moreira, Anandi Sarita Namasivayam, Louise O’Connor, Henrique M. Pereira, Peter Verburg, and Carlo Rondinini

D4.1 Spatial opportunities and constraints for green infrastructure network design

This  report  describes  the  methodology developed  and  implemented  to establish  a  coherent  set  of  cost  layers  for  use  in  NaturaConnect’s  spatial  conservation prioritisation efforts.

Author(s): Douglas Spencer, Martijn van der Marel, Alexandra Marques, Clara Veerkamp, Aafke Schipper, Peter Verburg, Anandi Sarita Namasivayam, Martin Jung, Piero Visconti, Louise O’Connor, Heini Kujala and Moreno Di Marco.