NaturaConnect Learning Platform 


The NaturaConnect Learning Platform supports EU Member States in designing and implementing an ecologically representative, resilient and well-connected Trans-European Nature Network (TEN-N). It provides different training modules created by project partners that help to improve professional capacity in spatial conservation planning by providing capacity building on the tools and knowledge resulting from the project. 

The self-paced NaturaConnect Training Course is organised into three sections (1. Concepts, 2. Governance, 3. Technical Tools), composed of 11 sequential and stand-alone training modules. The materials will empower users to fully utilise the NaturaConnect outputs and effectively create stakeholder engagement across various scales. Amongst other topics, participants can learn about the policy context of the TEN-N, comprehend specific tools and methods used in spatial conservation planning, and be enabled to apply them in various contexts. 

Each module comprises a learning journey that allows the learners to achieve specific learning outcomes at the end of the module. The content is organised in topics covered by different forms of materials and activities including for example briefing papers, videos, audios, tutorials, external website links, exercises, and webinars. The sum of all materials and activities is called the learning journey, which determines the estimated completion time of each module.

The NaturaConnect Learning Platform is free of charge upon registration at the European Nature Academy (ENA), a training hub administered by project partner EUROPARC Federation, that offers advanced and user-friendly training courses for conservation practitioners. 

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